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There are still limited spots left for Weeks 6-7 (August 8-12 and 15-19) for in-person Summer Camps! 

Our in-person & virtual programs are open for Fall 2022 registration! Check out our Mandarin Explorers, Voyagers, and Scholars programs for a variety of ages & skill levels!

Why Panda Mandarin?

Why Panda Mandarin?

Panda Mandarin is committed to making learning Mandarin FUN, ENGAGING, and AUTHENTIC for all children. We have a variety of in-person Mandarin classes for children between 1-12 years old. We also have exciting virtual programs that blend the best of our fun methodology with new technologies to make the learning experience safe yet captivating for students at home. We are a Toronto-based company but with a North American reach, and our teachers are trained with a focus on the needs of students in the US and Canada.


Our programs are highly interactive through music, games, and art but also with a strong focus on practical applications of Mandarin. In a small class size (fewer than 10 students per class), students are well supported by a highly qualified teaching team as well as modern content and tools to help them keep engaged outside the classroom. 


Our collaborative team delivers a quality language program that creates a warm and holistic learning experience where parents and students feel a sense of connection and support. Join us for a FREE trial class and find out why we're not your typical language school!

Learn More About Us

Learn more about us

Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Mary Ng and Yollanda Zhang

Mary Ng (MP)

"We know that gender equality benefits everyone. That is why our government is committed to the empowerment of women and girls, but fulsome change requires all of us to do our part. Initiatives like Girl. Strong. are part of this positive progress, inspiring young girls to live up to their fullest potential through personal and professional mentorship opportunities. Together, through government programs and policies and initiatives like this one, we will build an inclusive society; one in which everyone can benefit and everyone can succeed." 

Panda Mandarin student

Hua (Parent)

"My son is 5 and takes Panda Mandarin class during after-school hours.  Panda Mandarin program provides a very interesting and highly engaging learning environment for him. The instructor offers various teaching tools to accommodate my son's learning preferences. They also plan fun group activities outside the classroom so as to develop his interests in learning Mandarin. My son enjoys the class a lot and it is always the highlight of all his school activities."

Panda Mandarin pandas

Amber (Parent)

"I have to share a cute daughter said she was singing Happy Birthday in Mandarin in her Grade 2 class and her classmates started asking lots of questions about Mandarin, how to say certain words, etc. Then she decided to sing it out for the entire class. Never in a million years did I ever think that would happen!"

Panda Mandarin singing panda

Dean (Student)

"In today's global world/economy, I think that it is so important to learn as many languages as possible, particularly Mandarin.Yollanda Zhang directs a fantastic Mandarin program at John Wanless PS. It is language taught in an inspirational and fun way, with an informational component as well."

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