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Bilingual Reading Pen

About our Reading Pen System

Our Bilingual Mandarin-English Reading Pen is a great way for children to practice their Mandarin at home! Students can use the pen to read and listen to Mandarin books independently. They'll learn fun new Mandarin words while enjoying the bright pictures and characters in each book. The pen can also read back English and many books are available in both English and Mandarin!

"My kids love them! They love that they can now 'read' and discover Chinese books on their own. It doesn’t matter that Mommy and Daddy can’t read all the words anymore. Now family story time or just any 5 minutes of free time means we can explore new books in a more enriching way. Our kids love that they can now lead the reading, even with the basic vocab books. And we get to learn the language too!  They can’t wait to get more books so YiDuBi (the pen) can read to them more.” 

                                                       -Cindy, mom to a 5 and 3 year old


Watch our Student Experience Consultant, Caitlyn, demonstrate how the pen works! 

How to Order


You can purchase a pen & books through our online registration system here or contact us to place an order. We offer different options to suit your child's needs.


The Pen

Reading Pen Box Set (reading pen, USB charger, interactive dictionary): $109 + HST


The Books

Reading Pen books are available for a variety of ages and can be used as standalone readers. However, with the Reading Pen, the books are fully interactive and even more engaging! All prices are subject to HST.

Free pick-up/ delivery to Panda Mandarin classes. Shipping within Canada is an additional charge.

Children's Everyday Vocabulary (快乐认知花边书)

Children's Everyday Vocabulary


2 year olds and up

Hardcover, 4 books - $46.95

Children's Bilingual Stories (幼儿双语认知故事)

Children's Bilingual Stories


4 year olds and up

Softcover, 6 books - $36.95

Children's Classic Fairy Tales  (世界经典童话故事)

Children's Classic Fairy Tales


6 year olds and up

Softcover, 8 books - $46.95

600 Chinese Characters


6 year olds and up

Softcover, 3 books - $46.95

600 Chinese Characters  (学前必备600字)
Interactive Mandarin Puzzles

Interactive Mandarin Puzzles

3 year olds and up

5 puzzles - $29.95

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