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Virtual Mandarin Classes

Mandarin Explorers
2.5 - 12 years old


Mandarin Explorers is geared towards beginners with little to no experience with Mandarin. Sessions are run online and are based on age groups. Our experienced teachers will use games, songs, and a variety of interactive online exercises to help children learn the fundamentals of Mandarin all while making it fun!

Classes run month to month and you can sign up anytime with no commitment.

Summer Programs

Panda Mandarin Language Program - Mandarin classes - Summer Camp
Virtual Summer Camp
4 - 12 years old (Preschool - Grade 6)
We are offering new half-day Virtual Summer Camps that blend the fun and engaging elements of our in-person camps with virtual classroom tools to help your child learn safely at home. Based around exciting themes like Art & Culture and Math & STEM, your child will be immersed in Mandarin, tailored to their age & skill level.

School Year Programs

Panda Minis
Panda Minis
1 - 2.5 years old (Preschool)


Our Panda Minis program focuses on having fun! The little ones will love our games and stories that will have their imaginations fired up. We also let loose with our Mandarin song, music and dance portion of the class. Each class will focus on themes to ensure they are learning new vocabulary and practicing pronunciation. Learning Mandarin has never been more fun!


All children must be accompanied by a parent/caregiver.

Panda Bananas
Panda Bananas
2.5 - 4 years old (Preschool - JK)


Panda Bananas is the perfect program for children ripe to learn Mandarin. Each class is a blend of music, games, and interactive activities engaging little ones to learn Mandarin. Our weekly themes keep it fresh every class and parents & caregivers are welcome to participate and learn with their little ones.


We offer a 45-minute class and an extended 2.5-hour class for those who want to get additional exposure to the Mandarin language.


All children under 4 must be accompanied by one parent/caregiver in the classroom.

Panda Cubs
Panda Cubs
4 - 5-years-old (JK/SK)

Our Panda Cubs program is an ideal way for kindergarten students to learn Mandarin. Each class focuses on a different theme – everything from the four seasons, family, to Chinese holidays – with corresponding songs, arts & crafts, and interactive games. Panda Cubs builds vocabulary by learning how to read and write commonly used characters. Our two day/week class emphasizes reading tailored activities to reflect this focus. All Panda Cubs can continue to learn outside of class by listening to an audio summary we send weekly as part of their learning package.


Panda Cubs has two learning levels (Cubs 1 and Cubs 2). Students are placed based on age and language ability. Previous Panda Mandarin students or students with an intermediate/advanced level of Mandarin are most likely to be placed in the Cubs 2 program. We have weekend and after school programs at a variety of locations. 

Panda Indies
Panda Giants
Panda Indies & Panda Giants

Indies: 6 - 9 years old (Grade 1 – 3)

Giants: 9 - 12 years old (Grade 4 – 6)

The Panda Indies & Panda Giants curriculum not only engages children but motivates them to be independent learners. We use a variety of teaching methods such as music, arts, games, drama, storytelling and much, much more to keep learning fun, engaging, and most importantly, meaningful! Panda Indies & Giants build their vocabulary by reading and writing commonly used characters, and by building their own flashcards. They can continue to learn outside of class by listening to an audio summary we send weekly as part of their learning package.


Both Indies & Giants have three levels, 1 through 3, and students are placed based on age and ability. There are also Pre-Indies and Pre-Giants programs to help students who are joining us for the first time with minimal exposure to Mandarin before they progress to the regular Indies & Giants tracks.

Specialty Programs

Panda Math
Panda Math

6 - 12 years old (Grade 1 - 6)

Our Director Yollanda Zhang designed Panda Math based on her Engineering and High School Math teaching experience, to help your child build a solid foundation and increase their confidence and interest in math. The program follows some of the beliefs from our Mandarin program that learning can be fun, engaging, and practical.  They will learn addition, subtraction and eventually multiplication with real-life connections and hands-on activities!

Panda Mandarin Language Programs - Girl. Strong.
Girl. Strong.
6 - 12 years old (Grade 1 - 6)​

Girl. Strong. is multi-faceted program was inspired by an amazing grandmother, a strong little girl, and professional experience working with young people ranging from toddlers to teenagers. The program is designed to empower young girls between 6-12 years old to realize their true potential without limits.

Panda Mandarin Corporate Programs
Corporate Programs
Panda Mandarin provides on-site Corporate training to companies to provide cultural understanding, basic language skills, to build stronger relationships and increase sales with Mandarin-speaking clients. Role-play practice opportunities with potential clients will be arranged. 
Industries we can support include: real estate, financial services, retail, startups, and sales & marketing.
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