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Selling to Foreign Investors - Chinese Masterclass


Selling in today’s market is more difficult than it has ever been. Chinese investors are pouring hundreds of millions into the Ontario market and knowing how to properly relate and sell to them is critical to closing business with this very lucrative group.


Panda Mandarin will provide on-site training to a team of real estate professionals. The program is designed to provide tools and basic language skills to build stronger relationships and increase sales with high net-worth, Mandarin-speaking clients. Potential clients will be invited to attend the final class for a role-playing opportunity.


The program topics included but not limited to:

  • Basic appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture and Mandarin pronunciation

  • Culture and etiquette (eg. What are the appropriate gifts? How to address a person properly?)

  • Business meeting conversations (eg. What to do when the client offers to pay?)

  • Sales tips and strategies: How to increase referrals and client loyalty

  • Feng Shui must-knows


Option 1: Group format (minimum of 10 participants)

  • 2-hour or 1.5-hour sessions (Yollanda will teach at least 1 class)

  • 4 or 5 classes

  • 1 conference call between classes for review and practice (hosted by Yollanda)

  • Unlimited review and practice on WeChat throughout the program duration

  • Expert panel discussion in the last class – Chinese agents/clients/experts will be invited to attend for 1 hour.

  • $695 + $100 materials + HST


Option 2: Private one-on-one

  • Five 1.5-hour lessons

  • Unlimited review and practice on WeChat throughout the program duration

  • $1300 + $100 materials + HST


Option 3: One-off Seminar (minimum 10 participants)

  • 2 hours each session

  • $225 + HST


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