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Fête Chinoise Article

July 2020

In this article on Fête Chinoise's website, Yollanda Zhang examines how parents’ attitudes towards their heritage language can influence their child’s willingness to learn the language. 

Thanks so much, Claudio Rojas, for the great discussion about Girl. Strong. We really appreciated your outstanding interview skills to draw out all the elements of the program and our vision for young girls everywhere. For more information about joining Girl. Strong. and/or to support this great cause:

Interview with Claudio Rojas

May 29, 2019

On Canada's Fairchild TV, Yollanda and the Panda Mandarin team are showcased in this Chinese language feature on the longest-running Chinese broadcasting companies.

Fairchild TV

December 2018

Neighbours of Lawrence Park North Magazine - November, 2018

Neighbours of Lawrence Park North Magazine

December 2018

Yollanda and her family are featured in this local publication where they explore the teaching of language and self-confidence at. home and in her new programs, Girl. Strong.

Yollanda Zhang on Torontism Blog

The good people over at Torontoism sat down with our director, Yollanda, for a chat about Panda Mandarin, the importance of language learning in Canada, and Girl. Strong.! Be sure to have a read!

Torontoism Blog

August 2018

Huffinton Post Article Feature

Huffington Post Blog

June 6, 2018

Read Yollanda's latest article in Huffington Post Canada! In it, she explores how cultural influences from our parents and people in their generation can play a part in the development of self-doubt and self-silencing. A must-read for anyone raising self-confident girls!

Yollanda Zhang and her grandmother

Yollanda sits down with CBC's Now or Never to talk about her amazing grandmother and the emotional significance of launching the Girl. Strong. program.

CBC Radio Interview

May 6, 2018

Huffington Post - Heritage Language Blog

Yollanda shares how you can Make Your Child's Heritage Language An Everyday Part Of Family Life - Kids just want to fit in and speak English as their peers do. How can parents bridge the divide and give their kids the best of both worlds?

Huffington Post Blog

March 27, 2018

CBC Radio Inteview

As part of a collection of stories on Canadian families keeping their traditions alive or even re-booting them, Yollanda shares how she is helping ensure her heritage and culture can be passed on to her daughter. Available on the CBC website or via your favourite podcast app!

CBC Radio Interview

February 16, 2018

Globe and Mail Heritage Language Article

The Globe and Mail Article

December 9, 2016

In this exciting article our founder and director, Yollanda Zhang, articulates her personal experience and those of whom she interviewed for this piece about the difficulties of heritage language learning.

CareerBuzz Podcast - Mark Franklin & Yollanda Zhang
00:00 / 00:00

Listen to our Founder & Director, Yollanda talk about her career changes that led to how Panda Mandarin came to be!

Visit CareerBuzz on 89.5FM here.

CareerBuzz Interview

November 11, 2015