NOTE: our programs below are currently running virtually only. We hope to resume in-person programs in the near future. Please check back later for more info!

What kind of Mandarin program are you looking for?

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My child is a total beginner with Mandarin and we are considering exploring the language
Register month-to-month (September to June)
$50 to $125 per month, depending on age and # of classes in a month
Weekly, 30 to 45 minutes per class, depending on age
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My child has some exposure to Mandarin and we just want them to continue learning and have fun 
Register term-by-term (Fall, Winter, Spring)
$300 to $405 per term, depending on age and # of classes in a term
Weekly, 45 to 60 minutes per class, depending on age, with review activities for home
My child is proficient and we want a program with an academic focus
I am looking for a private or custom program for my family, learning pod/homeschool group, or academic institution
Register for school year (September to June)
Contact us so we can come up with the right program for you!
$3,500 for the entire school year
Twice weekly, 90 minutes per class, with homework & tests
Between 3 to 10 students
Between 3 to 10 students
Between 3 to 6 students

School Year Programs

Mandarin Explorers
from under 2 years to 12 years old


Mandarin Explorers is for students just starting to explore Mandarin as a language and may or may not want to take additional programs later. They are beginners who have had no exposure to Mandarin previously. Our teachers use interactive activities to help children learn the fundamentals of Mandarin all while making it fun!

The focus is on introducing speaking, listening, and Chinese culture.

Classes run month-to-month and you can sign up anytime with no commitment.

Mandarin Voyagers
from 4 years to 12 years old


Mandarin Voyagers is designed for students who are novice/intermediate level and have had exposure to the language (either at home or in class). They want a fun and engaging way to keep up with their Mandarin. Most students previously enrolled in our year-long programs should consider this stream.


The focus is on enrichment through speaking, listening, some reading, pinyin. For older ages, more reading, some writing.

Students register by term (Fall, Winter, Spring). As students get exposure to the language on this learning voyage, there will also be review exercises & summaries provided for practice at home. Previously, students had to enroll for the full year but now can enroll by term.

Mandarin Scholars
from 6 years to 12 years old


Mandarin Scholars is especially for students who have had exposure to the language and want to become proficient in Mandarin. They are at least of an intermediate/advanced level to join with the ability to read pinyin. A textbook/workbook will be provided. Students who were in our advanced or two-days a week program can consider this class.


The focus is on an academic approach to speaking, listening, reading, pinyin, writing. Students will have the potential to take HSK, YCT, or OCT exams.

Note: an assessment will be conducted prior to the student joining the program.

Students register for the school year (September to June) and there will be homework and tests throughout. 


Summer Programs

Virtual Summer Camp
from 4 years to 12 years old
We are offering half-day Virtual Summer Camps that blend the fun and engaging elements of our in-person camps with virtual classroom tools to help your child learn safely at home. Based around exciting themes like Art & Culture and Math & STEM, your child will be exposed to Mandarin during the camp, tailored to their age & skill level.

Other Programs

Panda Mandarin Corporate Programs
Corporate Programs
Panda Mandarin can provide on-site or virtual Corporate Training to companies who want to provide their employees cultural understanding and basic language skills to build stronger relationships and increase sales with Mandarin-speaking clients. Activities can include industry-specific scenarios and live practice opportunities with potential clients. 
Industries we can support include: real estate, financial services, retail, startups, and sales & marketing.