Mandarin Explorers Virtual Classes

Have you ever wanted your child to gain exposure to Mandarin in a fun and engaging way? Are you looking for new ways to engage your child while they are at home with you? 


Panda Mandarin is introducing Mandarin Explorers virtual classes to give children a fun way to introduce them to the language while at home.

What are parents saying?

"...great job on the virtual class. I really liked it and (my child) even paid attention for the majority of it!"

"We enjoyed the interactivity today. THANK YOU. Wonderful teacher and cute slides. The videos and songs also worked well."

"I can tell that a lot of time and thought went into planning a lesson that would be appropriate for the age group, engaging, and relevant. (My child) was actively involved for 40 of the 45 minutes which is amazing for a 3 year old doing distance learning! She has been talking about her "Mandarin friends" since then."

Who should enrol?

Mandarin Explorers is geared towards beginners with little to no experience with Mandarin. Sessions are run online and are based on age (see below). Our experienced teachers will use games, songs, and a variety of interactive online exercises to help children learn the fundamentals of Mandarin all while making it fun!

When are classes?

Registration for Mandarin Explorers is open now for May and June and start on Saturday, May 2nd. There will be no classes Victoria Day weekend (May 16-18).

All times are Eastern time zone.


(2.5 to 4 years)


Fridays at 11:00-11:45am


Saturdays at 1:00-1:45pm


(6 to 9 years)


Wednesdays at 5:00-5:45pm


(4 to 5 years)


Wednesdays at 4:00-4:45pm


(9 to 12 years)


Wednesdays at 2:00-2:45pm

How much are classes?

Classes are registered for monthly. For a limited time, save 10% if you register for May and June!

May - $88 + 13% HST (4 sessions)
June - $88 + 13% HST (4 sessions)


Sibling discount of 5% applies on the subsequent registrations from the same family.

If you join a month part way, the cost will be pro-rated. For example, if you miss the first class of May, the remainder of the month will be $66, and so on. 

Please note that Mandarin Explorers for Bananas require a parent or caregiver to be present to participate in the activities. Explorers for Cubs will require the presence of a parent or caregiver to ensure the child can get into the class and can use the technology properly.