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Mandarin Explorers class for children

Mandarin Explorers 

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Students 5 years old and under need to be engaged and supported in a different way than older children. That's why our Mandarin Explorers program is designed to make learning fun and exciting for children that are under 2 years old (U2), under 4 years old (U4), and 4-5 years old.

Whether they’re beginners, intermediate, or advanced speakers, the goal for Mandarin Explorers is to build/maintain exposure, learn new vocabulary, develop socialization skills, and to have fun!


When children reach 6 years old, we recommend they then continue in our Mandarin Voyagers or Mandarin Scholars streams, depending on their skill & learning goals.

Who should enrol?

Any child aged 5 and under can join! Whether your child is a beginner or advanced, our teaching team will approach each child as an individual. Our teaching philosophy focuses on of ensuring children enjoy learning and want to come back to class. Your child will become confident and proud of being able to speak Mandarin. 

Note: for students under 4 years old will be in the class with a caregiver and those aged 4 and 5 years old will be in the class without a caregiver. Children in the 4-5 age group should be able to be a classroom by themselves, but will be supported by the teacher.

Panda Mandarin Explorers Levels

Step into our classroom!

What to expect

The Mandarin Explorers class will help your child learn new vocabulary and phrases that are fun and practical, through the use of songs, games, and other activities to reinforce concepts. Sessions are run in-person or virtual, depending on your needs and child's learning styles. Classes are 45 minutes for U4 and 4-5 years olds, the ideal length of time for children this age. For U2, the class lengths are 30 minutes.

Mandarin Explorers Learning Outcomes

Our in-house curriculum is designed to enlighten and enrich your child's learning of Mandarin with a carefully thought out program that builds and reinforces vocabulary/phrases using exciting themes and monthly topics your child will enjoy. Once they've reached 6 years of age, they can level up to our Mandarin Voyagers or Mandarin Scholars classes.



new words/week

Practical Application


new phrases/month



new songs/month

Proficiency in over 200 common words and dialogues
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