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Mandarin Voyagers 

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Is your child 6 years or older and interested in learning Mandarin for the first time, or looking to build up their proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing?

Panda Mandarin is offering our Mandarin Voyagers classes for students who want a fun and engaging way to learn Mandarin while developing proficiency on this learning voyage. This program is best for families who do not have a Mandarin background at home.

Using the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) curriculum, the focus is on enrichment through speaking, listening, reading, pinyin, and some writing. For older ages, there will be more reading and writing. Textbooks will be provided along with review exercises & summaries provided for practice at home. 

Who should enrol?

Mandarin Voyagers is grouped by age (6-8 years old and 9+ years old) and skill level (beginner to advanced). It is designed with a clear progression between levels and outcomes, but without the repetition and tediousness of traditional academic language classes. We still keep to our teaching philosophy of ensuring children enjoy learning and want to come back to class. With the Mandarin Voyagers program, your child will become confident and proud of being able to speak Mandarin!

Not sure which level to try? Fill in one of these assessment surveys and we'll email you back a recommendation for you.

Panda Mandarin Mandarin Voyagers Levels

What to expect

The Mandarin Voyagers class will bring a fun, yet effective focus in speaking, listening, reading, and pinyin to children 6 and older. Although students meet once a week for 60 minutes, there will be review activities and practice work assigned that will help students build up their proficiency each week.

Sessions are run in-person or hybrid/virtual and are based on age/skill. Our experienced teachers will augment the YCT curriculum with Panda Mandarin's flavour of fun and interactive activities to ensure your child is excited to come to class!

YCT Books for Mandarin Voyagers

Mandarin Voyagers & YCT Level Structure

While each student is different, each level will take approximately one school year to complete (ie, Fall --> Winter --> Spring), following one YCT book from beginning to end. The table below shows approximately the amount of vocabulary a student will know at the end of each level, cumulatively.

Level 1


YCT Book 1





Level 2


YCT Book 2



Levels 3 & 4


YCT Book 3.1 & 3.2



Levels 5 & 6


YCT Book 4.1 & 4.2

Step into our classroom!

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