Mandarin Voyagers 

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Is your child building up proficiency in speaking Mandarin and looking to expand on their comprehension, reading, and writing skills?

Panda Mandarin is offering our Mandarin Scholars virtual classes for students who have had exposure to the language and want to become proficient in Mandarin. A textbook/workbook will be provided and the program follows the HSK curriculum. The Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì (汉语水平考试), is an international language proficiency test of Standard Chinese for non-native speakers.

Who should enrol?

Mandarin Scholars is geared towards students who are at least of an intermediate level (an assessment interview is required to enrol) with Mandarin and can read pinyin.


Students who have been through our Mandarin Voyagers programs may be eligible to enrol but are also encouraged to join our Summer Mandarin Scholars Prep program which will ensure a strong foundation before starting Mandarin Scholars in the Fall of 2021.

About the class

The Mandarin Scholars class will bring an academic focus in speaking, listening, reading, pinyin, writing. Registration is for the entire school year, meeting twice a week for 90 minutes. There will be homework and quizzes throughout the year with the potential for students to take the HSK exam at the end.

Sessions are run online and are based on age. Our experienced teachers will augment the HSK curriculum with Panda Mandarin's flavour of fun and interactive online activities to ensure your child is excited to come to class!


Comparing Mandarin Voyagers to Mandarin Scholars


Step into our classroom!

What are parents saying?

"...great job on the virtual class. I really liked it and (my child) even paid attention for the majority of it!"

"We enjoyed the interactivity today. THANK YOU. Wonderful teacher and cute slides. The videos and songs also worked well."

"I can tell that a lot of time and thought went into planning a lesson that would be appropriate for the age group, engaging, and relevant. (My child) was actively involved for 40 of the 45 minutes which is amazing for a 3 year old doing distance learning! She has been talking about her "Mandarin friends" since then."

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