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Summer Camps 2023


Summer Camp!

Explore Chinese Culture,
Level Up Your Mandarin

Join our Mandarin

  • Fully bilingual Camp staff

  • Low ratios (1:5)

  • Fun, engaging, & practical themes

  • Groups by Skill & Age

  • Convenient Midtown Toronto location

  • Save with Multi-week Discounts!

Join our Bilingual Mandarin/English Summer Camps​!


We are excited to announce our in-person Summer Camp programs at our Midtown Toronto location! Panda Mandarin Camps make learning Mandarin fun and experiential for children aged 4 and up. Campers will be taught in a bilingual Mandarin & English language environment while spending time with their peers through indoor and outdoor activities (eg, music, drama, art, games, dance), as well as mini excursions to parks and other locations around the neighbourhood (weather permitting). Our camps are theme-based and children will learn with their peers in Mandarin at the same time.

What your child can expect at our camps

  • Warm and caring staff who are well trained (including First Aid)

  • Bilingual English/Mandarin speaking Camp Leaders

  • Low ratios of staff to campers (1:4)

  • Staff who create a fun and engaging atmosphere

  • A clean and safe environment to learn and play

  • An inclusive and open-minded team that respects each individual child

  • Staff that are approachable and welcoming

  • An appropriate amount of Mandarin/English spoken that helps challenge a camper, but without turning them off from the language - for beginners or novices, this means Mandarin & English. For advanced/fluent students, predominantly Mandarin will be used

Check out our previous in-person camps!

Note: our camps will adhere to local health & safety regulations as required.


Our camps run at our centre located at 3217 Yonge St. in the Yonge & Lawrence area, easily accessible via transit & car. This location is exclusively Panda Mandarin's space with a fully updated interior and HVAC system to ensure a clean & bright space. We may also augment the camp experience through local outdoor play spaces and indoor gym space for inclement weather.

Age & Skill Levels

Our camp is designed for 4-12 year olds. We tailor and group activities by age and skill so your child will have consistent exposure to Mandarin appropriate to their level. We may also group children by the following ages where appropriate - 4-5 years, 6-8 years, 9 years and older. For language skill level, we divide students into beginner/intermediate/advanced, and for each level, teachers will use as much Mandarin as possible so that students can understand but still be challenged.

Dates & Times

Full-Day Program: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Before/After Care: 8:00 - 9:00am / 4:00 - 6:00pm

Summer Camp Part 1

July 4-Aug 11, 2023

Chinese Culture Combo

Week 1 - Jul 4-7 - Chinese Art & Symbols

Week 2 - Jul 10-14 - Chinese Music & Dance
Week 3 - Jul 17-21 - Chinese History
Week 4 - Jul 24-28 - Chinese Legends
Week 5 - Jul 31-Aug 4 - Chinese Inventions
Week 6 - Aug 8-11 - Chinese Games

Summer Camp Part 2

Aug 14-25, 2023

Reading & Writing Power Pack

Week 7 - Aug 14-18 - Reading & Writing Bootcamp
Week 8 - Aug 21-25 - Reading & Writing Bootcamp

Check out our exciting Summer Camp themes!

Week 1 - July 4-7

Chinese Art & Symbols - 中国艺术​

Discover the beauty and influence of Chinese art as well as the importance of symbols from Chinese culture.

Week 2 - July 10-14

Chinese Music & Dance - 中国音乐和舞蹈

Discover the beauty & cultural significance of traditional Chinese Instruments, Music, and Dance with some modern influences!

Week 3 - July 17-21

Chinese History - 中国古代历史

Journey through key time periods of ancient China and learn about the rich history & traditions of the past

Week 4 - July 24-28

Chinese Legends - 中国传奇

Learn about famous legends & stories in Chinese culture including the Monkey King, Mulan, and more!

Week 5 - July 31-August 4

Chinese Inventions - 中国四大发明

Have fun discovering the ancient Chinese inventions - paper, compass, gunpowder, and printing!

Week 6 - August 8-11

Chinese Games - 中式游戏

Get introduced to traditional Chinese toys & games such as Chess (象棋), Airplane Game (飞行棋), hackysack (毽子) and more!

Week 7-8 - August 14-25

Reading & Writing - 中文读写加强班

Aimed at children 6 and up, these two weeks will improve your child's reading comprehension & writing skills through dedicated exercises and activities

Summer Camp Fees & Discounts


For Summer Camp, you can book by individual weeks or by theme (Chinese Culture Combo or Reading & Writing Power Pack) for greater savings. While some themes will be familiar to those campers who were with us last summer, there will be a lot of new and fun activities, no matter which week you join. Themes are subject to change without notice.

Also new for this year are the Reading & Writing Bootcamp weeks at the end of August, focused on helping those 6 years and older to level-up their reading & writing with a more intensive "bootcamp" while still keeping things fun!

We offer a Sibling Discount of 5% that applies for each subsequent camper. Lunar New Year, Early-Bird, and Sibling discounts can be combined. Other discounts cannot be combined.

Regular Price From March 1, 2023

Individual Weeks



per week

Chinese Culture Combo

10% off

$2,300/Weeks 1-6


Reading & Writing Pack

10% off

$820/Weeks 7-8


Summer Camp Super Combo

15% off

$2,975/Weeks 1-8


Early Drop-off and Late Pick-up (Summer Camp Only)

Early Drop-off and Late Pick-up are available for families who require extra child-care.


  • We offer Early Drop-off from 8:00am to 9:00am for $55+HST/week ($44+HST for 4-day weeks. 

  • We offer Late Pick-up from 4:00pm to 6:00pm for $110+HST/week ($88+HST for 4-day weeks).

  • If you would like both options, book both for the same week and save $15/week - $150+HST/week ($120+HST for 4-day weeks). 

COVID-19 Information

For 2023, we expect things to operate mostly like pre-pandemic times with a few enhancements:


  • Our location is entire managed by Panda Mandarin and not shared with any other providers.

  • We have a modern HVAC system to ensure clean air is circulated, along with the use of multiple air purifiers.

  • Hand sanitizers and wipes are used in the space to ensure a clean and safe environment. 

  • Our location is mask-friendly so those that choose to use masks are welcome to do so.

Note: if your child is ill, please do not come to camp until their symptoms have cleared for 24 hours. We will follow local public health guidelines and continually revisit our procedures based on how the health situation evolves.

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