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Meet Our Team

We are a Toronto-based company with North American values & ideals, where our teachers are trained to focus on the needs of students in the US and Canada. We hire teachers who have a passion for teaching Mandarin and Cantonese, understand how to engage children to learn the language, and treat each student as an individual. Our teachers are also fully bilingual, with relevant degrees/diplomas in teaching, early childhood education, and/or language learning. We also partner with the University of Toronto OISE Master of Education Language & Literacies Education program to help train the next generation of language teachers.

Our team of teachers run programs that are highly interactive through storytelling, music, games, and art but also with a strong focus on practical applications of Mandarin and Cantonese. Our students and parents are well supported by our teaching team, as well as through the modern content & tools used to help them keep engaged outside the classroom.

If you have a passion for teaching children and making language learning fun, come join our team!

Panda Mandarin Founder Yollanda Zhang
Founder & Co-owner
Yollanda Zhang (张羽)
Head Teacher Mo Laoshi
Head Teacher
莫老师 (Mò)
Mandarin & Cantonese Teacher Sophie Laoshi
Sophie 老师 / 老師
Mandarin & Cantonese Teacher
Mandarin Teacher
张老师 (Zhāng)
Mandarin Teacher Zhang Laoshi
Mandarin Teacher
宓老师 (Mì)
Mandarin Teacher Mi Laoshi
Mandarin Teacher
陈老师 (Chén)
Mandarin Teacher Chen Laoshi
Mandarin Teacher
Jennifer 老师
Mandarin Teacher Jennifer Laoshi
Mandarin Teacher
高老师 (Gāo)
Mandarin Teacher Gao Laoshi
Mandarin Teacher
吴老师 (Wú)
Mandarin Teacher Wu Laoshi
Cantonese Teacher
郭老師 (Kwok)
Cantonese Teacher Kwok Lo See
Cantonese Teacher
秦老師 (Chun)
Cantonese Teacher Chun Lo See
Mandarin Teacher
罗老师 (Luō)
Mandarin Teacher Luo Laoshi

Mandarin Teacher

梁老师 (Liáng)

Mandarin Teacher Liang Laoshi
Mandarin & Cantonese Teacher
Zita 老师 / 老師
Mandarin & Cantonese Teacher Zita Laoshi / Zita Lo See
Mandarin Teacher
廖老师 (Liào)
Mandarin Teacher Liao Laoshi
Mandarin Teacher
恬老师 (Tián)
Mandarin Teacher Tian Laoshi
Director & Co-owner
Bryan Mo (毛永明)
Panda Mandarin Director Bryan Mo
Student Experience Consultant
Student Experience Consultant
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