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Looking for Fall Mandarin Classes?

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Let's Learn Mandarin Pandas

Since the pandemic started in 2020, every school year has looked different from the last, and Mandarin programs are no exception. As things open up and return back to a semblance of pre-pandemic life, at Panda Mandarin, we are excited to have a full offering of in-person classes again. We are also continuing with virtual/hybrid classes to provide convenient options for those that prefer learning online.

Not only that, we have a new and improved curriculum to better support Mandarin learners of all skill levels and ages. Read on to find out how we can help your child learn a new language, build connections with their heritage language, improve their reading & writing, all while having fun with us!

Where are our classes?

Panda Mandarin class at Vincent Massey

We are excited to open more in-person classes at our Midtown Toronto location which is conveniently located by Lawrence Subway Station or Yonge & Highway 401.

We are also bringing back classes to Etobicoke at Vincent Massey Academy for those families in the west-end of the GTA.

Hybrid Mandarin class at Panda Mandarin

Virtual/hybrid options will be available

for our Mandarin Voyagers and Mandarin Scholars classes, while our Mandarin Explorers will have virtual options for our 4-5 age group. Students in hybrid classes will be able to join an in-person group, but in the comfort of their own home.

Which program is best for my child?

  • We've redesigned our programs to make it easier for you to find the right class for your child - Mandarin Explorers is now for children 5 years and under, including classes now for those under 2 years!

  • We’ve also updated our curriculum to enhance the Mandarin learning of students 6 years and older who are interested in our Mandarin Voyagers & Mandarin Scholars streams by introducing the well-regarded YCT and Mǎ Lì Píng Zhōng Wén (马立平中文) series, respectively.

  • Depending on your child's age and level, they can join one of the streams below:

Panda Mandarin programs for all ages & skills

If you're not sure which one to join, your child is always welcome to try our classes for free so we can find the best one for them. We discuss your learning goals for your child, understand their learning styles, and assess their proficiency to help find the right class for them.

Regardless of the program you choose, we know your child will have fun learning Mandarin. Our amazing team of teachers will help your child build a connection to their heritage language or to a new and exciting culture.

What do parents say?

The best complement our parents can pay us is to recommend our classes to their family and friends. Here what some of our Panda families say about our programs!

"My sons (ages 4 and almost 6) participated in Panda Mandarin summer camp this past July, and loved it! Fun learning themes, thoughtful programming, and engaging activities for the kids. The staff team was dedicated and professional. My husband and I were really impressed by how much our boys' Mandarin fluency improved, in such a short time. We are looking forward to starting the school-year weekend program tomorrow!" - Shira

"My 4 year old son just attended a week of summer camp at Panda Mandarin and loved it! He especially loved the daily visits to the park and the daily STEM activities. My son does not speak any Mandarin but he did not have any issues adjusting as the teachers are very patient and speak both Mandarin and English." - Tiffany

"We have tried many Mandarin lessons and classes in the past and are grateful to have attended Panda Mandarin as it is indeed a cut above! If you are looking for an engaging and fun way to have your children learn Mandarin, look no further! Yollanda Zhang and her highly dedicated team of professionals, have taken virtual learning to the next level. Every class offers something unique and practical. Your child will learn and will be interested in learning Mandarin, and that’s an art all in itself! The summary audio and written sheet at the end of each class allow students and their parents to practice with ease. Panda Mandarin has been an amazing addition to our learning program over the past few months." - Yassmin

If you'd like to sign up for a free trial or you're ready to register for a class, click below! 谢谢!

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